RAGMAN Vol.1 #5 (DC/1977)

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RAGMAN Vol.1 #5 (DC/1977)

*(Grades Range FINE++)

#5*final issue

*Cover by Joe Kubert. "Junkyard of Death," script by Robert Kanigher, art by Joe Kubert; After discovering over $2,000,000.00 stuffed inside an old mattress, Gerry Regan, and his three friends, are accosted by mobsters; Though the four men are tortured and left to die, under live wires, none of them give up the location of the stolen money; All of them want Regan's son, Rory, to have it, so that he can forge a better life for himself; Rory discovers the four men laying under the live wires, and tries to pull them free; With all five men linking hands, the attributes of the four older men, upon dying, are transferred by the electrical current into Rory, endowing him with above average strength, fighting prowess, and acrobatic skills; Rory's father leaves behind a parting gift to his son, a bizarre costume sewn together from rags, for Rory to wear at an upcoming costume party; Rory, instead, adopts the costumed identity of the Ragman. Jack Adler profile by Mike Gold. Hostess snack cake ad with Batman & Robin

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