Criminal Macabre 03 (2003)

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STEVE NILES/BEN TEMPLESMITH On sale July 9, FC, 32pg, (3 of 5), $2.99 The plot and the darkness thicken as detective Cal McDonald and his ghoul-in-the-know partner, Mo'Lock, delve further into the deadly horror unraveling around them. Strange experiments are being conducted by a mysterious and unknown madman, and it's up to Cal to track him down before an unholy and, frankly, quite annoying Hell is unleashed on Los Angeles. McDonald will be forced to rethink everything he has ever known about monsters ... or die trying. Niles and Templesmith's last book, 30 Days of Night, scared the pants off comics readers ... so grab yourself a belt and get ready for the next wave of nightmares. 

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