Creeps 3

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(w) Dan Mishkin (a) Tom Mandrake (cover) Tom Mandrake Bi-Monthly Ongoing Series In Stores the week of March 6th. The Concept: Have you ever had a nightmare about a bogeyman who knows your deepest secrets? He's REAL. Did you snicker at that strange-looking freak with goop dribbling down his chin? Funny...he's laughing at YOU. Do you wish you could take your world back from the weirdos and the Creeps? Bear this in mind: very soon your life may depend on them. Because in a world without heroes, sometimes the Creeps are all you've got. This Issue: Amid the city's alleyways and darkened streets, someone is stalking the Creeps. And their only choice is to stalk back. But the unspeakably evil Genesys Corporation is well protected by power and politics, and the Creeps may be too late to rescue their missing friends. Though not too late to discover a horror even they are unprepared for - a horror that lurks deep within one twisted human heart!

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