Collector's Dracula 01 (1994)

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Collector's Dracula (1994) is collaboration by many different talents to bring a unique vision to the world of horror fantasy. "Main Story" pages 1-7, 13, 21-25, 47-48 written by J. Harkerand with art by Sean Shaw. "Nosferatu: Plague of Terror" pages 6, 8-12 by Rik Levins, Mark Ellis, and Rob Lewis. "Blood War" pages 14-20 story by Paul Davis and art by Brian Bendis. "The Last of the Vampire" pages 32-38 by John Bolton and Bob Curran. Also, features a Portrait of Dracula painted by Daerick Gross, Young Dracula with art by David Mack, and Vampire Bat painted by Bob Eggleton. Front cover by Terry Pavlet and back cover by Bob Eggleton. 48 pages.

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