Stark Raven 04 (2000)

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The Screaming Rain: Part 4 - Written by Ken Smith. Art by Walter McDaniel and Rich Perotta. Immediately following a near fatal battle with Scorpion in issue #3, Stark Raven is attacked by a Deathshadow, a technologically advanced, perhaps unbeatable soul-washed ninja. The Deathshadow's mission is simple -- eliminate Stark Raven. And the Deathshadows have never failed before. Meanwhile, Cobretta delves deeper into the mysterious vigilante actions of former N.E.S.T. commander, Bart Barringer, in a quest to locate the Judges of Death. The clues lead to an unexpected and long-awaited encounter between Stark Raven, Cobretta and StingRayzor! 

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