Ms. Mystic 03-P (1993 3rd Series) Deathwatch 2000 *Polybagged

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Deathwatch 2000, Part 17. Story by Neal Adams and Peter Stone. Art by Louis Small Jr., Rudy Nebres and Joel Adams. Wraparound Tyvek cover by Michael Golden and Cory Adams. Ms. Mystic is drawn into the Deathwatch 2000 crossover that affected all Continuity titles. In the aftermath of a nuclear detonation, the dragon's allies gather their forces for a final assault on the Earth. Only Ms. Mystic and Hyperion and Spang of the Hybrids stand in the way. Originally sold polybagged with a random trading card; cover is made of a durable synthetic material called Tyvek, part of the trend of gimmick covers in comics publishing of the time. Final issue of the series; followed by Ms. Mystic (1993 4th Series) Vol 2 #1. 

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