Lady Pendragon/More Than Mortal-1/A

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The battle of the 6th century is on! Image and Liar Comics unite to bring to life the tale of two great warriors who will meet one another on the battlefield of an age-old feud. Britain vs. Ireland. Pendragon vs. Protector. Guinevere has come to the Emerald Isle, seeking guidance from her only remaining friend in the Catholic Church--Saint Patrick. Soon after her arrival, she uncovers an Irish plot to murder her aging friend. Caring little for Pendragon's plight, Brigid takes up arms against Patrick, an English-born priest who seeks to turn the Protector's people against their ancient traditions. Witness the tension as Ireland's Protector clashes swords with England's Leading Lady, as worlds collide and threaten to change history as we know it. Written by Sharon Scott and Matt Hawkins. Art by Dan Norton and JAG.

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