Kabuki Agents Scarab 02 (1999)

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An Image Comic (W) David Mack (A) Rick Mays Issue two of the new ongoing Kabuki series with new original stories of the Noh Operatives! Eisner nominated writer David Mack, hot off the new Kabuki storyline and the new Daredevil series, teams up with Masks of the Noh artist Rick Mays. "Rick (who drew Scarab in Kabuki: Masks of the Noh) has been working on this new series for the last two years. Because he's already completed the art for the first storyline, we can release the series monthly. This is the first monthly Kabuki series!" , says writer David Mack. "This series focuses on Scarab's entrance into the Noh agency as well as her present status as a Noh operative and her relationship with Tiger Lily. The story even crosses over into the current Kabuki series and guest stars Kabuki herself. I'll be drawing the Kabuki sequences in this series." David adds. After the Scarab storyline, Kabuki Agents will feature stories on Siamese, Tiger Lily, Ice, and Snapdragon. This series chronicles all the adventures of the Noh agents that we didn't see in Masks of the Noh. 

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