Gambit (1993 Mini-Series) 04

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Cover by Lee Weeks. Thief of Time, script by Howard Mackie, pencils by Lee Weeks and Jason Gorder (art assist), inks by Klaus Janson; Gambit has gained the Elixir of Life for his comatose wife but has to battle through the combined forces of the Thieves and Assassins Guilds to get to her; Just as he is about to administer the potion, Bella Donna's own brother, Julien, attacks and shatters the vial; Candra arrives and promises to restore the pact and the powers that go along with it if Gambit is killed but both Guilds forsake her gifts and turn from the old ways; With the Guilds finally at peace, Gambit's father commands that he help preserve it by leaving New Orleans for good; A few drops of the Elixir of Life have been absorbed into a blanket and Gambit drips them into Bella Donna's mouth in hopes she will be restored; His wife wakes up but without her memories; Driving Rogue off with his forceful advances, Gambit is left to walk the streets of New Orleans, alone.

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