Gambit (1993 Mini-Series) 03

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Cover by Lee Weeks. The Benefactress, script by Howard Mackie, pencils by Lee Weeks, inks by Klaus Janson; Gambit arrives in Paris and gains an audience with Candra, benefactress of the Thieves Guild and a woman with whom Gambit has a little personal history; She agrees to provide him with a vial of the Elixir of Life for Bella Donna but only if Remy is willing to kill his own father; Their negotiations are interrupted by Julien and his rogue assassins who are looking to gain the serum for themselves; Gambit saves Candra from Julien and the assassins are driven off; Gambit receives a kiss for his heroism and leaves with his father but Candra quickly discovers that he stole the elixir off of her person during their moment of intimacy; Candra tells the Tithe Collector to return to New Orleans and command both the Thieves and Assassins Guilds to kill Gambit as a traitor; Rogue accidentally touches Bella Donna and witnesses her love affair with Gambit through her memories.

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